A CUSTOMER-CENTRIC LEADER who’s obsessed with customer satisfaction, and has evangelized and promoted customer-centricity and ensured focus on creating exceptional value for customers

A STRATEGIC THINKER who thinks long-term and does not sacrifice long-term value for short-term results. Always acted on behalf of the entire company, beyond my own organization. Thus, continually invent and simplify in all business aspects  

with strong judgment and great instincts, but seek diverse views to invalidate my beliefs as I’m continually curious and learning

A TEAM BUILDER, who attracted, built, led, grew, engaged, and retained highly skilled teams and then help them grow and prosper within the company. Built and ran organizations ranging from 10 to 1000+ people and encompassing disciplines covering the entire product lifecycle including but not limited to software and hardware product development

A TRANSFORMATIVE LEADER who uses fact-based and empirical metrics and data to invent and increase capabilities, nimbleness, and sophistication in people, process, and product to deliver the best results possible and maximized investment

BOLD BUSINESS TECHNOLOGY EXECUTIVE AND INDUSTRY LEADER with in-depth experience and passion for building, leading, maintaining a high performing, robust, progressive, and world-class dynamic organizations to deliver awesome and highly scalable business solutions that outperform the competition.
STRATEGIC, TACTICAL, SITUATIONAL, AND VERSATILE LEADER who is skilled at taking charge of partnering with internal and external executive, technical, business, PMO, product management, R&D teams, 3rd party vendors and partners, and other stakeholders to ensure on time and on budget delivery of high-quality solutions.  Hold self and others to the highest execution efficiency standards, accountability with potent clarity, empowerment, support, direction, and innovation. Motivated people, then put them, processes, and technology in place and inspired them to exceed expectations; regardless of complexity— Slip-ups are inevitable, avoiding them, poor quality and moving slowly are not.
I have extensive experience in leading within distributed organizations comprised of strong individuals and leaders. I am passionate about leading, attracting, and growing talent as well as continuously improving processes. I believe that data (facts) is the foundation for decision making and I am always willing to challenge and be challenged. I believe in rolling up my sleeves and digging in when necessary regardless of organizational structure or boundaries. I always acted as a catalyst through a demonstration of high productivity, independence, creative thinking & innovation, focused, and have excellent communication and presentation skills. I effectively used these competencies to connect with people, create ideas, and derived the company towards massive successes.
I created and shipped awesome products and delighted the customers. Features aren’t done until they’re in production and used by diverse customers. I built simple, elegant, intuitive apps. I always push the boundaries of what’s possible in an MVP and beyond—“good enough” is not a model I espouse.
I have a strong technology foundation of desktop, web, mobile, REST APIs, SaaS, IaaS, PaaS cloud platforms, CDN’s, SaaS operations, CRM, ERP, and distributed storage platforms. I am as passionate about technology trends as I am entrenched and abreast by the latest digital business models. The systems and the teams I’ve built withstood the test of time and shined under pressure.

Leadership Attributes
Servant-leader with exemplary execution 
Unwavering courage & self-control
A keen sense of justice & potent clarity
Definiteness of decision & plans
Willingness to do more than expected, and more with less, and deliver results  
Pleasing personality & corporation
Sympathy, understanding, & earned trust
Mastery of details
Willingness to assume full responsibility
Persistent, commit, tenacious
Public Speaker & motivator -  Keynotes page